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 Boutique Hospital Hats with Class
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The Kate
- $
Royal Baby Girl Hat. 


The Will
- $
Royal Baby Boy Hat. 


The Molly
- $
All-American girl hat.

The George
- $
All-Amercian boy hat


The Harper- $16.99
Features a bow with a pink center ribbon.
Our most popular hat.


The Hannah - $19.99
Solid White - Features a bow with a lavender center ribbon.


The Lila
- $19.99
Solid Pink - Features a bow with a white center ribbon. 


The Ruby
- $19.99

Solid Pink - Features a pointed 5 petal flower.


The Gavin - $19.99
Boy Hat - Features Baby Blue and White Stripes


The Maeve

Features a Violet. A pointed 5 petal flower.

The Adelaide -$19.99

Features a hand tatted blue doily. Snip the doily from the hat for your daughter’s “Something Blue” on her wedding day. A true heirloom.

The Genevieve
Features a Poppy.  A circle ruffle flower. 


 The Brigid- $16.99 
Features a Buttercup
 A rounded 4 petal flower

The Davis
- $16.99
Features a baby blue circle with first initial.
Haven't decided on a name?
Use the first letter of your last name.  *Boy Hat

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The "It's A Surprise" Set
Not finding out the gender of your baby?
The Harper  (girl) + The Davis (boy

Type in Letter Preference

The Hospital Stay Collection
A hat for each day of your stay.
Select 3 hats your choice

Enter Three Hat Names